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Books that can change your life. See Testimonials below. These were written by real people who have discovered how to learn from the experience of someone who has been there – done that, and  have learned new  skills that helped them start and grow a business.    

My Story

My first job after college was with an international shipping company. I later started my own business manufacturing industrial products and began exporting them to Asia/Pacific countries, including China, in 1978.

I sold that business in 1987 and began importing, selling B2B. Business boomed and after I had employed all my family I expanded by franchising the business. By the time I retired I had franchises operating in 4 countries.

Heart surgery forced me to sell that business and retire, but I can’t make my brain slow down, so I wrote my first eBook which dealt with safe sourcing and easy importing. I revise it twice a year and I enjoy teaching through my book the hundreds of entrepreneurs in more than 40 countries who are now using it.

Since then I have written two more books; one that primarily deals with marketing psychology and how brand, slogan, logo, labels, and packaging can influence buying decisions far more than a list of facts can.

The third book teaches how to grow your profitable business on steroids by selling franchises of that business. I don’t recommend buying franchises.

I offer unlimited support to all who buy my books. Just email your questions to me at the email address below.

Here are the three books:

Proven Global Sourcing

This has, over the 14 years during which it has been published with annual free revisions, become the go-to manual for small and large importers. Some, in correspondence, have even referred to it as their importing bible. The only detailed publications I see online, dealing with sourcing and importing, are in blogs by a very select few people who have a good working knowledge of sourcing and importing.

They all have two things in common: 1. They are designed to guide large scale importers. 2. They exist in order to sell services such as sourcing, quality inspection, and freight forwarding.

Blogs by self-professed experts usually leave unanswered most questions that are posted. The blogs are rarely updated. Not that it would make much difference because the blogs already contain dangerously expensive misinformation.

My book presents the facts, but it does not teach what to choose or how to sell the products.

Proven Global Sourcing Table of Contents

  1. Taking The Mystery Out Of Importing. It’s easier than you might think.
  2. Getting Started
  3. Rules And Regulations You Don’t Need To Learn. Security resulting from small payments to experts who know the rules.
  4. Freight Explained And Scams Avoided. Learn to avoid rapidly increasing Freight scams.
  5. Caution Regarding Agencies And Distributorships. Beware the many false promises.
  6. Standards – Learn the Rules? Or Ask Experts? Save time for small cost.
  7. Safe Product Sourcing, Including Due Diligence. Carelessness can cost you plenty.
  8. Global Sourcing Sites & The Changing World Scene. Source from 41 countries.
  9. How To Get Suppliers To Come To You. But don’t invite a blizzard of emails.
  10. Assessing Suppliers – Safe? Reliable? Helpful? Ignore what B2B sites tell you.
  11. Cultural And Language Differences. Avoid misunderstandings. Build relationships.
  12. Samples And Small Orders – Buy Less Than MOQ. MOQs are often set by guesswork.
  13. Calculating Actual Costs. Do this before you order!
  14. Payment Terms. What is safe and what is not.
  15. Traveling To Source Supplies. You can’t beat face-to-face contact, or tax deductible holidays.
  16. Order Procedure And Checklist. Established procedure reduces risk.
  17. Thousands Of Suppliers Chosen For You By Big Retailers. Thoroughly vetted suppliers.
  18. “Just In Time” Ordering System. Higher freight cost for Lower inventory cost.
  19. Sources Of Free Information. Banks are a good source.
  20. Fulfillment Services. No need to handle your inventory.
  21. Agents, Traders, Wholesalers – Definitions. They are not always what you expect.
  22. Manufacturers Not Wholesalers – Why? PRICES! (and smaller orders!!)
  23. Business Registration and Tax ID. Your call.
  24. Buying Locally. Security, logistics, accountability, local sales appeal, V extra cost.
  25. Capital Requirements For Importing. From a few hundred dollars if bootstrapping.
  26. Inspection Services. For safe quality assurance.
  27. Certificates. Genuine or not?
  28. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs), Haggling, and Discounts For Big Orders
  29. Quality. Four pages about this important subject.
  30. Public Holidays. Expect delays, so order early.
  31. Glossary Of Terms. A handy reference covering more than just INCOTERMS.

Happy Readers...

"Well, I am just floored by the amount of content (and the bluntness) in your book. I’ve read hundreds of business based books by now, but I have never come across something so clear and to the point. And so much relevance — no fluff whatsoever. I’m so used to having to dig through filler-pages to discern the wisdom of most books and manuals that this has truly been a refreshing treat. I have absolutely nothing to compare it to because I have never read anything like it before.”
“I bought the book a few days ago. It made me realize that I've been wasting my time contacting wholesalers rather than manufacturers. I also didn't have much idea about what needed to happen if I made a purchase from the supplier. It has a good checklist to avoid some pitfalls. It's only $100, not much if you're going to buy some products really. If $100 is a barrier to getting into business then you're going to have trouble making any real money."
S. W.
“You literally saved me $3000 USD. Thank you so much for taking the time to look into it. I really, really, appreciate it. Best regards,”
“Thank you for your reply. I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to contact someone who understands the ins and outs of this business. Like I said earlier, there is not much credible information out there on importing.”
"I just bought your book as I just reached a obstacle and felt that your book would benefit me and it has.... your book is GOLD."
S. Brown
“I purchased his book last week, it's an awesome book! Straight to the point.. And didn't have to waste my time reading many worthless pages!! I found many manufacturers, and drop-shippers. But to be honest I don't want everyone buying his book, so I won't have as much competition!!”
J. B.
“I recently picked up Walter Hay's book and it has been very valuable. It is far better than any other that I have looked into which all seem pretty light on details other than "go to alibaba and start emailing manufactures." I recently decided to launch my own business, so I am very new to all of this, but I would absolutely recommend this book."
"Just wanted to say that I purchased your ebook a few days ago, and I was very impressed how much information you gave. I thought for $97 it was a heck of a deal. Haven't sold on Amazon and now I'm looking to offer private label goods on Amazon/Ebay. Of course the immediate supplier allure was Alibaba, but you've smacked that thought out of my head! LOL! I enjoy reading the insights from folks that have a legit background in something like yourself. Take care,"
E. T.
"I really respect your knowledge, experience and opinions about importing, and realize you are a walking encyclopedia on the subject. I've been studying the methods you teach in your book for about 2 weeks now."
Mike W.
“I just finished your book and WOW a lot of golden nuggets in there. It is like a treasure chest of knowledge and tricks of the trade for importing. It was worth the money, in the long run it will save readers a load of money. What is 97 some dollars in comparison to thousands of dollars. It may not be a 300 page book but that is because there are no stories and all that.”
B. N.

Labels That Exploit:
The Power of Psychology, Perceptions, and Emotions

I see too many people copying what others do, thinking that if they advertise enough they will sell. One of the big marketing failings that is widely copied is to try selling based on product features, sometimes even using bullet points in advertisements! :eek:

They are unaware of the fact that by a big margin, emotions rather than facts influence buying decisions.

This book shows how to appeal to buyers’ emotions with various methods including labeling. It describes 26 different types of labeling and branding methods, how to use them, which product types to use them on, and where to source them in the USA, Canada, EU countries, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. NOTE: some labels are unsuitable for some products, so don’t think you will have 26 options for any one kind of product. Many of the labeling types dealt with would not even be dreamed of by many.

Among other things, this book shows the best way to obtain products for private labeling, but does not teach what products to choose.

Labels That Exploit Table of Contents

  1. Labels And Their History.
  2. Marketing Psychology.…. Too Hard? Think like a buyer. Essential learning.
  3. Branding And Marketing — Understanding Private Labeling. Not merely “Slap on a sticker”.
  4. Case Study: Eight Year Old Boy Applies Marketing Psychology. My first business hustle.
  5. The Value Of Perceptions. What will buyers really think of your product?
  6. Why Use Quality Labels? Your labels are you. What image do you want to present?
  7. Brand Names, Logos, And Slogans. Ideas to help make them work together.
  8. The Importance Of Consistency. BUT… Graphic artists love to mix fonts and colors.
  9. The Design Process. Importance of retaining control yourself.
  10. Learn From Your Competitors. Why not copy ideas that work?
  11. Technical Terms…… Jargon Explained. Understand the strange specialist terms.
  12. Labeling And Branding Methods.12.1 to 12.26 Many of them you would never think of or even know exist. Complete Labeling Descriptions and sources in USA, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, together with instructions on how to use them. Contact me for help if not in those countries.
  13. Powerful Packaging. Choosing packaging that can help sell. Sources listed.
  14. Labeling Your Product And Packing Your Packages. DIY or outsource?
  15. Colors, And Their Potential To Influence Decisions. The amazing emotional buying trigger.
  16. Choosing Products To Sell. Your call.
  17. Private Label Product Suppliers – Basic Procedures. Private Label Product Suppliers Outside The USA – How To Locate Them. Don’t search for “Private Label Suppliers.” Minimize competition.
  18. Open Tool. Potential savings if you need a mold.
  19. My Experience As A Private Label Manufacturer And A Label Seller.
  20. Product Liability. Protect yourself
  21. Labeling Compliance. Protect yourself
  22. Trademarks And Patents. Protect yourself
  23. Protect Your Brand From Your Suppliers By Using Post – Production Labeling Or Branding.
  24. Over-branding (Covering) Brands on Generic Products.

Happy Readers...

“When I read this report on designing, sourcing and making labels and packaging for private labeling I was very impressed with the amount of detail the author has supplied. There is some very interesting discussion that points out the importance and benefits of quality labeling and packaging and how to use it to convey the message of your brand using simple marketing psychology. It is also pointed out how proper labels and packaging can be used to increase your profit margins! But there is also an extensive amount of detailed and practical information provided to the reader. This is information that will certainly prove helpful to the private label entrepreneur. Some of this info covers topics such as fonts, colors and how to learn from your competitors. There is even a glossary of technical terms used in the labeling and packaging process. Perhaps the most impressive part of this report was the extensive list of suppliers listed by the author. First he reviews the many different types of labels that exist. Then there are multiple suppliers provided for the various types of labels. I did not stop to think about just how many varieties of labels there are. I was overwhelmed but with this information the reader will certainly know how to proceed. In my opinion this report certainly shows the importance of proper labeling and packaging, the pros and cons of the many varieties and exactly how to get the job done properly to enhance your products.”
“Walter’s book on the power of labels provided the missing link to the success of my brand. It is an action book written straight to the point from an experienced source. It covered what I needed to know about packaging and labeling methods and must-know marketing tips to succeed. This book saved me time and probably thousands of dollars by helping my brand look way more professional and avoiding newbie mistakes.”
Ofir Bar. CEO of “Vibe And Sun”
“Exceptional book with a wealth of knowledge for anyone in the importing/ecommerce industry. Excellent advice and helpful tips for anyone not only are starting out but someone who already has a branded business. I already have an ecomm company and this book gave me so many tips on how I can improve the branding on the product, packaging, etc and the book was full of resources and manufacturers who can help with producing any type of logo/label. I like the added bonus of general overall tips on not only the labeling and logo aspect, but how by thinking like a customer I can improve and make my brand more impactful to the end consumer. Highly recommended for anyone at all levels of their entrepreneurship roadmap.”
“My online marketing business has grown wildly thanks to Walter’s book on sourcing from China, and I now have the finance to seriously do private labeling so I bought his labeling book. I had no real idea of the need to understand marketing psychology, but Walter has given me the education that was lacking, and he does it in such a clear and easy to follow way. Following the marketing psychology information in this book I’ve now got a brand and labels that really work for me. As he says in the book, labels, packaging, logo and slogan can all work as silent salesmen. The first lot that I put on Amazon sold like hot scones and my ranking is going UP. I had to urgently order more inventory. I can’t thank Walter enough for this book. It will be a turning point in my life.
“I just finished your book: a very interesting and timely read indeed. I’m in the process of sourcing my first product from China so I’ve found very useful the information provided in this book. It is full of valuable nuggets, but if I had to choose one idea that would describe the essence of it that would be: ‘the label is you’. I also find the chapter on colors particularly interesting. It left me wanting to read more on the subject. Thank you for the book, Walter.”
“Walter, All I can say is WOW! The resources in your book exceeded my expectations and as soon as I read it I used your advice in labeling a product that I had nearly ready to go. Was I lucky I got your book in time! I changed my brand name when I realized I had made a dumb choice. It had appealed to me but now I discovered how to make it relate to my target market. The results were amazing, and I realized that you saved me from making a huge mistake that could have cost me many times what I paid for the book, just on that one product. I have 3 other products in the pipeline now, and all will follow the same branding, labeling and color pattern, together with the emotional triggers just as your book has taught me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Peter Johansen
“Thanks for your new book. I just read through this twice. This is amazing. It’s like the bible for labels! When it comes to design and branding, I’m pretty good with all of that. But labeling has always been extremely confusing to me. It’s always one of those things that I put off until the last minute because I get overwhelmed by all of the options. I’m going to reference this whenever I’m working on a project that requires labeling, or any sort of branding, that’s how valuable this is. Thanks again. This book was great. If you need any reviews or further comments at any point then just let me know.”

Franchise Your Way To The Fastlane:
Scaling On Steroids!

This book has been written in response to the countless number of forum posts asking about, or bemoaning the scarcity of, options to scale a business.

It even caters for those who don’t have a business that they could ever scale, showing how to jump- start your entry into the rapid growth franchise industry, when you don’t already operate a business suitable for franchising.

It is the smallest of my books, at 32 pages, but if the ideas are adopted, I believe its value will be enormous. I have priced it at the same figure as my importing book, but if put into practice the ROI could be a staggering percentage.

I can’t make any promises, but I know it worked for me to provide an astounding lump sum that I would have struggled for many years to build by scaling the traditional way. Continually opening branch after branch with employees managing them would have weighed me down.

Franchise Your Way To The Fastlane Table of Contents

Introduction. Why not scale using others’ capital? Avoid employing staff.
1. My Experience As a franchisor.
2. Benefits of Franchising. Sell franchises – DON’T buy them.
3. Costs Borne By Franchisees.
4. Your Costs.
5. Franchise Law and Franchise Contracts.
6. Definition of a Franchise. 
Including my recipe for success as a franchisor.
7. Difference between Franchises, Distributorships, & Licenses. Don’t get it wrong. 8. Which Businesses Can Be Franchised? Huge choice – not only food.
9. How to Decide if a Business is Suitable for Franchising.
10. Things to Consider When Deciding About Franchising a Business.
11. Scouting for and Acquiring Suitable Businesses to Franchise. 
Buy to scale.
12. Shortcut to Wealth via Buying a Master Franchise. The ONLY type of franchise worth buying.
13. Sell Franchises Greenfield or Functioning? Shows how to increase value first.
14. Delineating Territories. Don’t overcrowd the market.
15. Setting Prices for Territory Licenses. Don’t expect to live off License Fees.
16. Selling Master Franchises. Better than paid area managers.
17. Selecting Franchisees. Why be Choosy? Their failure would hurt you.
18. Keeping Franchisees Happy. Like marriage where a happy wife means a happy life.
19. Conferences. Generate team spirit while giving them a brief vacation.
20. Replacing Franchisees. Maintain control of the process. You make the decision.
21. Writing an Operations Manual. A good system requires good instructions.
22. Advertising Essentials. Follow the principles of appealing to emotions even if your business is B2B. You must have advertising that works.
23. Advertising Levy. Beware of losing control due to a levy system.
24. Royalties. Don’t be greedy. The number of franchisees more important than big % fees.
25. What if the Economy Goes Into Recession? Usually a good time to sell franchises.
26. Selling Franchises in Other Countries. I hit the big time by going international.

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